What is deepfake?

Deepfake is a type of video in which one person's face is replaced by another person's face using machine learning algorithms. Advanced neural networks have multi-step information processing algorithms that allow them to sometimes create extremely realistic images. AI learns and gets better every day, making it always in demand when it comes to deepfake videos.

The history of deepfakes

If you trace the history of the emergence of deepfakes porn, you can see that neural networks were first used for this purpose in 2017. At that time, deepfake porn flooded the Internet, especially the Reddit platform. The first video that attracted widespread attention was deepfake with Daisy Ridley. But that wasn't all - there were really a lot of different images made back then with all kinds of actresses. The topic went so far that a Dutch cybersecurity startup called Deeptrace analyzed all the deepfakes and found out that 96% of them were pornographic.

People's interest continued to rise, which makes sense. The excitement for deep fake porn became so great that many social networks even began efforts to restrict such content. In particular, subreddit, dedicated to deepfakes, was completely banned on February 7, 2018, because the site's administration felt that such content was offensive. There is no doubt that more and more realistic deepfakes will appear over time. Even now they do not surprise anyone, and in the near future they will become commonplace. Why are we so sure? Well, at least because the very first attempts to make deepfake porn videos with celebrities looked so-so - they had fuzzy edges, twitchy facial expressions and lots of flaws. But after a while deepfakes with porn actresses became so realistic that PornHub - a giant in the pornography industry - banned publishing of such videos.

How are deepfakes made?

There are a few ways to create a deepfake, but they have a common principle. That principle is the GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). This is a machine learning algorithm based on the competition between two neural networks. One generates samples, and the other acts as a kind of expert, trying to distinguish the fake from the original. The idea is that the better one neural network is at fooling the other, the more realistic the image ends up being.

"But how does a neural network work anyway?" you might ask. A neural network is a system of processors capable of learning. For example, in order for a neural network to distinguish between a car and a motorcycle, you need to load a large number of images of both into its system. Then you will need to manually adjust values for the car and for the motorcycle, as if teaching the neural network. After a while, the system starts to distinguish well one from the other, and it will understand the values of any new pictures of cars and bikes.

Strictly speaking, the GAN technology was developed by Stanford University student Ian Goodfellow in 2014. And by the way, what's really funny is that his nickname on Reddit was "Deepfakes."

Many deepfakes are created by amateurs using a program called DeepFaceLab. It is easy enough to learn and can be run even on a relatively weak PC.

You can also use Deepswap - this program works similarly to the last one. And it works, which is worth saying, well.

In fact, various actresses' faces are used for deepfakes. These include Anya Taylor-Joy, Brie Larson, Margot Robbie, Addison Rae and many more. Specifically our site specializes in deepfakes with K-pop idols like and IU, Irene, Karina, Tzuyu, Jennie etc and J-pop stars like Aimi, Endo Sakura, Asuka Saito, Riho Yoshioka, Kitano Hinako, Ito Riria etc.

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